Red CPCS Card

Those who successfully pass the theoretical and practical tests are given the CPCS card. The CPCS Card programme went into effect in 2003. Since its debut, more than three lakh cards have been given in various plant classes and related professions. However, the CPCS management committees have started regularly reviewing and revising the aforementioned plan.

Is it necessary to carry a CPCS card?

A valid CPCS card should be held by anybody working in the construction industry. Today, the vast majority of potential employers require their staff members to possess a CPCS card as proof of their intrinsic abilities.

Many employers in non-construction firms are among those who do not require a CPCS card.

How to procure a Red Trained Operator Card?

Candidates who successfully pass the theory and practical tests administered by an accredited testing facility are given the CPCS Red Trained Operator Card. Delegates must first pass the CITB health, safety, and environmental tests within around two years before attempting the CPCS Technical exams.

The CPCS Red Trained Operator Card has a two-year maximum expiration date and cannot be renewed. Candidates must be able to demonstrate their proficiency by participating in NVQ within the allotted time. Red CPCS cards must be upgraded to Blue CPCS cards.

Apply Now for Red CPCS Card

    How to renew a Red Construction Plant Competence Scheme card?

    There are two options for you to extend the current Red CPCS Card.

    Delegates can contact the CPCS hotline to request assistance. After that, they must verify all information and make a one-time payment. Additionally, people must mail in documentation of their SVQ/NVQ registration. Refunds for the services provided by the concerned company are not available.

    The candidates receive a fresh Red card by mail or postal service once every twelve months.

    Features of a Red Construction Plant Competence Scheme card
    1. Theory test (duration of two years after passing HS&E test)
    2. Practical test (must have passed the technical test within six months and two years after passing HS&E test)

    However, depending on the CPCS course that delegates choose, the test categories may change. A concerned accredited test centre would automatically apply for a red trained operator card on behalf of candidates after they had passed the pertinent CPCS technical tests. If delegates have signed up for an NVQ or SVQ, there are additional opportunities to prolong the CPCS card for another year.

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