Blue CPCS Card

Evidence that someone is qualified to work as a plant operator in the construction industry is a blue CPCS card. It is certification that he or she passed the pertinent CITB safety, health, and environment tests and demonstrated a degree of understanding of health, safety, and the environment. Delegates who have earned a blue CPCS Card have demonstrated that they have passed both the theory and practical CPCS tests.

Why is it essential to carry a Blue Construction Plant Competence Card?

A Blue CPCS Card is required since it enables employers to showcase their natural abilities while working in factories. Making sure that employees follow industry standards is a key goal of the CPCS Card. Holders of CPCS cards are positioned in the proper locations.

How to attain a Blue Construction Plant Competence Card?

To procure a Blue CPCS card, candidates should have:

  • Possessed a Red CPCS trained operator card.
  • They need to carry proof of achievement based on the category chosen and applied for CPCS test.
  • Candidates should have successfully cleared CITB health, safety, and environment test. 
  • Delegates need to pass CPCS theory and practical within the duration of 2 years and six months respectively.

An accredited CPCS test centre organizes CPCS theory and practical tests. A CPCS logbook is issued to the candidate that keeps a record of life-long learning. Blue CPCS competent operator card is diverse and they are purely based on course type and roles. Some of the CPCS courses offered are as follows:

  • Crane Operator
  • Telescopic Handler
  • Forward Tipping Dumpers
  • Banksman Slinger/Signaller

To renew the Blue CPCS Competent Operator Card, candidates are required to complete an on-site assessment and practical test.

In order to receive a Blue CPCS competence card, candidates are required to clear NVQ in plant/lifting operations.

Apply Now for Red CPCS Card

    What is the maximum duration for NVQ?

    The NVQ level two course is scheduled at one of the approved exam locations and is expected to last about 24 hours. The CPCS card is only good for around five years.

    What happens if the required 300 logbook hours are not recorded?

    The concerned operators must first earn the first two points before they may finish the following tasks that fall within the CPCS category.

    What are the advantages of holding a valid CPCS card?

    Wrap Up:

    The Blue CPCS Competent Operator Card is good for approximately five years. The CPCS Card can be renewed by the students before it expires. It is a useful card that attests to the worker’s demonstration of critical plant operation skills.

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