CITB TEST (Health Safety and Environment Test)

For those looking to work in the construction sector, Construction Support System arranges CITB exams. A key exam for evaluating knowledge of preserving health and safety on a building site is the CITB examination. If you pass this test and have obtained all other necessary credentials, you will not only be able to increase your understanding of health and safety, but you will also be eligible for a construction card.

Depending on your position and job in the construction business, we offer all CITB Tests, including Operative, Managers & Professionals, Specialist, and more.

CITB H, S & E Tests consists of
Multiple Choice Questions
Minutes Total Time
Card Preview Card Type Test Name
Red trainee card Operatives Test
Red Experienced worker (Temporary card) Operatives Test
Red Experienced technician, supervisor or manager Specialist OR Managers & Professionals Test
Red trainee (technical,supervisory or management) Operatives Test
Blue Skilled worker Operative OR Specialist Test
Black Manager Card Managers & Professional Test
Gold Advanced Craft supervisory Operative OR Specialists Test
White Professionally Qualified Person Managers & Professionals Test
Labourer Card Operative Test.
Experienced Worker Card Operative Test.
Skilled Worker Card Operative Test.
Placement Card Operative Test.
Apprentice Card Operative Test.
(Please note if one or more tests are listed for a particular card you need to choose the test which matches your occupation e.g. for Supervisory role candidates need to do a Specialist test for Supervisors.)
Types of CITB Tests
Operative Test

Which emphasises management, high risk activities, health, safety, the environment, and the law.

Specialist Test

It includes case studies and multiple-choice questions. You’ll be required to select a topic and respond to questions requiring expert knowledge. These are:

  • Supervisory
  • Plumbing or gas
  • Tunneling
  • Highway works
  • HVACR – Pipefitting and welding
  • HVACR – Heating and plumbing services
  • HVACR – Refrigeration and air conditioning
  • HVACR – Ductwork
  • HVACR – Services and facilities maintenance
  • Demolition
  • Specialist work at height
  • Lifts and escalators
Managers and Professionals Test

Along with multiple choice questions and case studies, you will need to answer specialist knowledge questions on their appropriate subject. These are:

  • Highway works
  • Demolition
  • Construction (Design and Management) Regulations
  • Plumbing or gas
How to get a construction test

Easy as pie, really. Simply call us at 02045421744 or use our extensive list of UK Test Centers to discover the one that is closest to you. We are also experts at locating and scheduling the ideal construction Course for you at the location and time you like to ace the exam.

How Do I Prepare for the construction Card Test?

Purchase construction study materials (a DVD or book) to ace the exam. Practice with example test questions; the more you test, the more prepared and confident you are that you will pass.

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