What is construction Card?

Apply construction Cards

Numerous firms in the construction sector are searching for workers who are competent tradespeople, and having a construction card is a key part of what it means to be considered a “skilled” worker. Employers are making construction cards a requirement for their site workers more frequently because it gives them and their clients peace of mind that health and safety procedures are understood and followed. construction cards provide as tangible evidence that you are suitably qualified and have received the necessary training to work and carry out duties safely on-site. Improved safety standards across the sector are ensured by making sure the entire workforce in the construction business is knowledgeable about health and safety, reducing casualties and injuries.

    Advantages of having a Renew construction Card

    Workers require a construction card for a variety of reasons, but gaining access to the site is perhaps the most crucial. Most construction sites have a construction card checker stationed at the gates, requiring workers to carry their construction cards at all times.

    Proves Credibility

    You won’t need to carry around various forms of identification to show your eligibility to enter construction sites if you have a construction card.

    To demonstrate that you are a licenced construction professional, all you need to do is present your current construction card.

    Take a step Forward

    The ability to advance in your profession is another advantage of holding a construction card in the construction sector.

    Those who now hold a Green Labourer card, for instance, may be eligible for a Blue construction Skilled Worker card once they have earned an NVQ, which is only given to seasoned workers who can demonstrate they have received the necessary training to perform safely on-site. You’ll be able to climb the construction sector job ladder by earning more advanced construction cards.

    Greater Opportunity

    The Black Manager card and Gold Supervisor card are two construction cards that demonstrate you are an experienced worker capable 

    of holding higher roles on a construction site while working safely. When working on a construction project, these construction cards allow you the authority to assume increased responsibility, including the obligation to manage work schedules and assign tasks to your team. It can be satisfying to hold a construction card, which demonstrates your qualification for higher-level construction positions.

    Why do I need a construction card?

    Employers are mandating the possession of construction (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) cards on their premises more frequently now. This gives them and their customers comfort in knowing that health and safety procedures are understood and followed.

    Additionally, you should be aware of two things:

    Just keep in mind that to be eligible for a FREE construction card from Construction Support System, you must:

    Types of construction Cards

    Please note:  Be aware that spot checks utilising handheld scanners are frequently performed on sites to guarantee the card’s authenticity. If your card is invalid or does not adequately cover the work you are doing, you risk being asked to leave the premises.

    How can I get a construction Card?

    Find the construction Card that matches your qualifications and area of expertise, then apply for one. There is assistance available if you are having trouble understanding how to obtain a construction Card.

    There are 2 ways to apply for a construction card:

    By Phone

    Applying for a construction card is simply a phone call away at Construction Support System where you can call us at 02045421744 where you will be met with one of our

    experienced team members who will provide you all the information you need when inquiring for your card.
    Book Online

    In our efforts to provide more convenience for aspiring and existing construction professionals, it is possible to apply for a construction card online. 

    This construction card is for construction site supervisors and managers who do not the convenience of applying anytime, anywhere over different types of mobile devices.

    How do I renew construction Card?

    A construction Card is good for five years once you have one; trainee cards, however, may only be good for one or three years. Your construction card can be renewed for another year, from six months before expiration to six months after that. Make sure you complete it within this time frame; failing to do so will only make your life more harder in the future.

    Because new requirements might have been implemented since your construction Card was granted, you will need to retake the Health, Safety, and Environmental test when it expires. This test is typically good for two years. Depending on the sort of construction card you want, you will also need to obtain an NVQ certificate.

    Any queries in regard to construction card renewal? Contact us now for more information on 02045421744 (Lines are open from Mon to Fri: 8am to 7pm and Sat: 9am to 4pm)

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