Terms & Conditions

The terms “you”, “your” and also ““yours” “candidate” “customer” refer to users of the www.constructionsupportsystem.co.uk website and people that have accessed any of of our services.    

Our terms and conditions are applicable to any company or individual that makes single (individual) or multiple bookings with Construction Support System. You confirm that by accessing our services and using  www.constructionsupportsystem.co.uk, you agree to our Terms and Conditions. Construction Support System reserves the right to edit or amend any of our Terms and conditions whenever it is appropriate, without providing notice to the customer. Any new terms created or edited existing terms will apply only to the bookings made after the new terms are added to the website and bookings policy. The terms on the Construction Support System website when you place your booking will be the terms which apply to you. It is the responsibility of our customers to ensure that they agree and comply with our term and conditions before they place their booking.    

Term and Conditions of Bookings  

All bookings that are made are on a ‘subject to availability’ basis. Our team will always endeavour to secure you the time and date that you requested, however, this cannot always be achieved. In the rare cases where we cannot secure you the date and time that you requested, our team will always look to book the  nearest available time and date.  

Booking Communication  

Construction Support System will forward all customers a confirmation email within 48 working hours from the time the booking is made. If the customer has not received any correspondence from Construction Support System within 48 hours, they are advised to call on 02045421744 .

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