Those who have successfully completed one of the following programmes’ construction-related curricula are eligible to apply for the White or Yellow Academically Qualified Person (AQP) construction card:

The AQP card is designed to give holders of traditional credentials the chance to train for an applicable NVQ on a genuine, operational building site. An increasing number of work sites, especially the well-known ones, would not let them on if they didn’t already have a construction card. Therefore, this card takes into account the fact that some people enter the workplace straight from college and does not discount the information and abilities they have.

The applicant must provide a copy of the qualification they attained and, if available, proof of the units they earned during the qualification in order to successfully receive an AQP construction card. The card will then suffice to show that the person is either a graduate or a certificate holder from one of the programmes on the construction approved list of acceptable programmes, in which case the card holder won’t need to carry around all of their papers and certifications. A simple construction card scan by an employer will connect to a central database and demonstrate whether the applicant actually possesses the accreditations they claim to have earned.

The card also demonstrates that the person is competent and knowledgeable enough to work and function on a building site. Not least because they have to complete the CITB Managers and Professionals Health, Safety, and Environment test within the previous two years in order to receive their AQP card. On a touch-screen computer, participants have 45 minutes to finish the 50-question test. A minimum of 46 accurate responses must be obtained in order to qualify for an AQP construction card. Five crucial areas that affect productivity, health, and safety are looked at:

There are additional questions about building, demolishing, highway work, plumbing, and gas in the Manager and Professional tests. The goal of Construction Support System is to assist you in passing the exam on the first try so that you can get your AQP card as soon as possible. We strongly advise students to purchase our specially developed construction revision material, which includes DVDs and books, to help with their studies and to get a head start. Additionally, be sure to give yourself enough time to practise using example test papers and taking mock exams. You will feel more certain that you can ace your test the first time as you practise more.

Upon passing your CITB Manager and Professional Health, Safety, and Environment test, we will take care of all the necessary documentation and submit your construction card application on your behalf. Your Advanced Qualification Person (AQP) construction card will be mailed to you the very next working day after your application has been approved. You won’t have to wait long to begin working on-site because most cards reach their destination in 3-5 days. If for any reason you don’t pass the first time, you can take the test again.

How Long Is The AQP construction Card Valid For?

Five-year AQP construction cards can be renewed twice within a one-year period, six months before and six months after the original expiration date. Do not wait until the last minute to renew; otherwise, you run the danger of losing access to the building site where you are already employed. It is difficult to reinstate a construction card that has expired, so it is advisable to be aware of the deadlines and get the process going as soon as possible.

How to Apply For White/Yellow construction AQP Card?

Call our team of advisers at 02045421744 for more information about how to apply for your White/Yellow construction AQP Card, our courses, study guides, and much more. They will be pleased to assist you. The team at Construction Support System takes great pleasure in being able to help you obtain construction cards as quickly, easily, and without difficulty as possible. We can help you identify the location of the testing facility closest to you, schedule exams for you, offer career advice, and even immediately replace any lost cards. We want to be there for you every step of the way as you pursue a career in the construction business, no matter what you require. So that you may concentrate on advancing your profession, let us handle the planning and paperwork.

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