RED construction CARD – TRAINEE

RED construction CARD - TRAINEE

It will be simpler for you to demonstrate to your potential employer that you understand operating safely if you have an entry-level Red construction Trainee Card if you are a trainee joining the construction business for the first time. The card will demonstrate your dedication to your chosen career path and your understanding of the important significance of health and safety on the job place. Additionally, the card stores information about all of your certifications in a centralised database, so you won’t need to carry around a bunch of documentation with you wherever you go. All that is required is a construction card that may be scanned right away.

How Long Is the Red construction Trainee Card Valid For?

The Red Trainee construction Card is considered transitory and has a 5-year expiration date. It should only be applied for if you are certain that you are seriously considering pursuing a profession in the construction business because it is not renewable beyond this time period. It is for students who are registered to finish a construction-related certification at a college or university. Proof of enrollment in the course and a registration date that is no older than two years are necessary when applying for a red trainee card. The qualification can be academic, professional, or vocational and must be recognised by the construction card. It can therefore be an NVQ or SVQ level in one of the following:

To prove that a student is registered on such a course, it is necessary for them to provide evidence from their training provider’s awarding body which includes:

After obtaining their qualification, applicants can switch to a competent construction card, eliminating the requirement for their temporary red card. A qualified construction card can help you stand out in a crowded market and demonstrate to employers that you are a reliable worker. In this day and age, having such a skill set is highly valued because accidents and fatalities may occur on the job so quickly if workers do not actually know what they are doing. Over 25 million working days were lost in the UK in 2014–2015 as a result of occupational diseases and accidents. Additionally, the expense of illnesses and injuries brought on by dangerous, unsafe working conditions came to almost £15 billion. Employers consequently place a high priority on raising employees’ understanding of health and safety issues. You may demonstrate to employers that you take this matter as seriously as they do by continuously working toward and possessing the highest construction card that is available.

A recent two-year pass on the CITB Health, Safety and Environment Operative test is also required of applicants. The 45-minute test looks at the candidate’s understanding of safe work practises on construction sites. Candidates use a touch screen interface to respond to 50 questions, and they must successfully answer at least 45 of them in order to pass. Five essential knowledge areas are looked at:

In order to assess a candidate’s genuine comprehension of how to work safely on a construction site, behavioural case studies are also included in the examination. The governing body of the CITB frequently evaluates and updates the exam to guarantee that it offers its pupils the most recent knowledge and instruction. Construction workers must receive the greatest instruction possible regarding new laws and industry best practises, as well as the necessary training in the appropriate skills.

The Trainee (Craft & Operative) card and the Trainee (Technical, Supervisory and Management (TSM)) card are no longer valid as of August 1, 2016, which is crucial to note because construction cards have changed over the past few years. Therefore, the only card that will be given to applicants who are presently pursuing a construction qualification recognised by the construction is the red trainee card. Additionally, the pathways to a Trainee card for SSSTS, SMSTS, and NEBOSH General will no longer be recognised.

How to apply for Red construction Trainee Card?

Call our team of advisors at 02045421744 for additional details on a training programme that is appropriate for your career, how to apply for your Red construction Trainee Card, or to have us schedule your CITB test. We will be pleased to assist you. Due to our extensive experience in the construction sector, we can quickly put your career on the correct track. We have assisted over 40,000 tradespeople in obtaining a construction card; now let us assist you!

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